Alternative Use Storage Units

At Storage Unit Auction List we talk a lot about storage unit auctions, and storage spaces and the traditional usage for these spaces. But what about all the other wacky ways that people use storage spaces? We don’t want anybody to feel left out so we decided to do some digging to see what madcap uses for storage lockers we could find.


1. Band Practice: Google “Alternative Uses For Self Storage Units” and the one thing you’ll find over and over again is band practice. In fact, in some larger cities, there are actually storage facilities that cater to bands, and have special units for them to rent. These units can include AC, Wifi, and electricity.  Because they are temperature controlled they also make a great place to store instruments. Playing in storage units is preferable for some bands because they don’t have to worry about noise complaints from nosy neighbors or aggravated roommates.

2.Personal Gym: The Personal Gym was another surprisingly common use for storage lockers. When you think about it, it makes sense. One of the most unappealing parts of being a gym member (aside from the actual exercise) is having all those super buff, physically fit specimens staring you down while you huff and puff and try not to pass out while treadmilling. Not that I’m familiar with that problem or anything. Having gym equipment in your locker also means you never have to wait for a machine, because that’s a drag. The more I think about it, the better of an idea it sounds!

3.Home Office: I once had a coworker who had five kids and could never get anything done out of the office in his house. If only we had put two and two together!  Many people use storage facilities that offer electricity as a home offices to save space in their actual houses and to save money on renting office space. Many businesses use storage units to store their inventory, and use the space as a processing, packing, and shipping hub of operations.

being human small

4. Changing Into a Werewolf: I know. This almost doesn’t count because werewolves aren’t real. (Or are they?!?) But I’m a huge fan of Syfy’s Being Human. If you aren’t watching it, we can no longer be friends.  It’s THE BEST supernatural show since Buffy the Vampire Slayer!  But I digress. Each full moon, resident werewolves and (doomed couple) Josh and Nora get a little hairy, grow fangs, and lock themselves in storage units to make sure they don’t hurt the general population in their wolfy states. As seen in the screen grab, Josh, whose studying to be a doctor also uses his unit as his mad scientist lab as he tries to find a cure for their full moon problem.

5. Man/Woman Cave: Not only is this one of the most common alternative uses for units, but there are luxury storage units that more closely resemble apartments that cater to this specifically. (Mind Blown) I’ll go ahead and bet that most man caves aren’t quite so comfortable. They do offer a great place for a guy to get away and watch sports, work on their cars, play cards with the guys, host fantasy sports leagues, and in general, let it all hang out. But let’s not get hung up on this whole “man” concept. I’m sure many a womancave exists as well. In my vision, there are pink Christmas lights, a super plush couch, a television, internet access, a mini fridge stocked with all the junk food I could eat, a microwave, mud mask kits and every shade of nail polish known to man. A place where I could lounge around in my yoga pants and watch terrible girly television like Drop Dead Diva and call all my girlfriends and gossip for hours- far from the judgy, judgy eye rolling of my better half.

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