Reselling the Super Bowl


image provided by LA times

Anticipation and nervous excitement rises among football fans as the largest annual sporting event, the Super Bowl, approaches. That’s not the only thing on the rise, though. Ticket prices for the big game are high enough to make even a die hard fan think twice about seeking purchase. Loyal fans anxiously watch their teams, and will them toward victory as they move closer to the biggest game of the year. Many are clenching their jaws and grinding their teeth as the great spectacle that is the Super Bowl approaches.

Some fans are worried about their team making the cut, others are concerned about attending the event themselves. One such football fan, Josh Finkelman, found the high price of tickets so perturbing that he filed a class action lawsuit against the NFL, after paying $2,000 apiece for two tickets to this years’ game. The suit argues that the National Football League is violating a New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, by withholding more than 5% of tickets from the public. Finkelman and his lawyer have taken the position that the League is gouging their fanbase by not releasing enough tickets to the public, and instead, is allowing reseller’s first access, which can drastically inflate prices. see full article here.

Josh Finkelman with his lawyer Bruce H. Nagel


This article got me thinking, how much would I pay to see my team play in the Super Bowl? And no, I’m not talking about bribing my team’s way into the game… although, that might take some of the stress out of my sunday afternoons, and monday nights. While I ponder ways to afford the Super Bowl, I’d like to know what is the most you have paid for a resale item, and was it worth it? And what are some methods you would recommend to avoid paying too much? Post your tips in the comments section.

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